Automatic software and channel updates


The Canadian anti-spam legislation, also known as “CASL”, requires companies to obtain consent from Canadian users before performing certain actions. CASL may affect how we provide software updates to your Roku device(s). Therefore, Roku is requesting your consent before updating the operating system on your Roku device(s) or updating the channels on your Roku devices.

I was recently asked to provide consent, why now?

If you have been asked to consent to the automatic software and application agreement, it is because you are a Canadian user who most likely created a Roku account prior to when this law became effective.

What happens if I don’t give consent?

Your consent is needed in order for us to support your Roku devices, provide service to you, and maintain our operating specifications. Without your consent we are unable to maintain service and your device will eventually become inoperable.

How do I give consent?

If you are a Canadian user and we do not have a record of your consent, after signing in to your Roku account you will be presented with an automatic software and application agreement. Select the option indicating you agree and “continue”.

Where can I learn more about CASL

You can learn more about CASL by visiting the Canadian government website.

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