Tips on general battery handling and disposal

Your new Roku player comes with a pair of matched batteries, ready for immediate use.  Insert them into the remote and you're ready to stream! Although batteries are generally safe, like all things, good practice and proper caution should be exercised. Here are some helpful tips:

Inserting batteries:

See illustration below regarding the proper steps to insert batteries.  Follow the steps for each battery.  

  1. Insert the negative terminal side first.
  2. Then insert the positive terminal side.

(Image is representative only, your actual remote may differ)



Replacing batteries:

Always replace with fresh new batteries.  Roku recommends using batteries from the same manufacturer when possible.

  • Replace all batteries at the same time
  • Do not use damaged, deformed or leaking batteries

Battery leaks:

If a battery leak occurs, handle items with rubber gloves and protective eye wear to reduce chance of contact.  If skin or eye contact does occur, flush immediately with clean water and seek medical assistance.

Warm or hot to touch during use:

If the back of your Roku remote gets warm or hot during normal use, please follow these steps:

  • Discontinue use of your remote
  • Place remote on hard surface and let cool. Do not attempt to remove batteries while hot!
  • Contact Roku Customer Support immediately 


Always dispose of batteries following federal guidelines or local ordinances.  Do not dispose of used batteries in open fire.

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