Pourquoi les touches de la télécommande ne sont pas toujours reconnues par mon Roku® Express/Express+?


The Roku Express come with a standard IR remote. That means that the flat front edge of the Roku Express (where the IR Receiver is located) must be in line of sight of the remote.

What should I do?

There are two things you can try:

  1. Re-locate your Roku Express
  2. Change the batteries in the remote

The most common reason for missing key presses is when the Roku Express is located in a position where the signal from the remote is blocked (or partially blocked) from getting to the Roku Express. Make sure that you can see the flat front edge of your Roku Express from where you are sitting and there is no visible obstruction between the Roku device and the remote.

Try holding your remote up higher and point it directly at the Roku Express to ensure there is nothing to block the signal from the remote. If the remote now works, then you should move your Roku Express to a different position.

If you have the Roku Express attached to your TV, try locating it in a different position where the signal is less likely to be blocked. If the Roku Express is located at the bottom of the TV, sometimes something as simple as a cabinet in front of the TV can block the signal.

Make sure the Roku Express is not located behind the TV or inside a cabinet.

If moving the Roku device does not work, then try changing the batteries in the remote.

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