Roku Premiere (Model 4620) - Setup instructions

Connect your player

Step 1: Connect one end to the HDMI® port on the back of your Roku Premiere, and connect the other end to an open HDMI® port on your TV.


Step 2: Connect the power.


Step 3: Insert the batteries into your remote.
Make sure your remote has a clear line of sight to the Roku player.


On-screen setup

The Roku logo should fill your screen.
Don't see this screen on your TV? Check the following:

  • Is the power supply plugged into a working power-outlet?
  • Is the correct source or input selected on your TV?
  • Is the HDMI cord securely connected to the HDMI® input?

Still no picture? You can find troubleshooting tips here.


Select a language. Remember to make sure your remote has a clear line of sight to your Roku player.


Your Roku player will look for wireless networks nearby.


Select your wireless network name.
For help finding your wireless network name and password, click here.
Tip: We have some great wireless network optimizing tips to help improve streaming quality. For more information, click here.


Enter your wireless password. Passwords are case-sensitive.
Use "Show password" to see entered characters.


Look for green check marks.
If you see a red X, click here for troubleshooting help.


After successful network connection, the Roku player will look for an available software update.
Once an update is found, click OK on the remote to continue.


The software update will take a few minutes to download and be automatically installed.
The Roku player will restart after completion.


After your Roku player restarts, you may, or may not, be asked to select your time zone, depending on your internet service.


Set your display type.


Confirm that your selected display type will work for your TV.


Choose to keep the current display type, or choose another.


Use the provided code to link your Roku player. (sample code shown, do not use)
Don't see a code? Click here for more guidance.



Online account setup


On a PC or mobile device, go to and enter the provided code. 


Use an existing Roku account or create a new one, it's free.


You can create a new Roku Account here.


Create a PIN.
Using a PIN prevents accidental purchases.


You'll be required to add a payment method to provide you the convenience of making purchases from the Roku Channel Store on your TV, right from your couch.
You will only be charged if you choose to make a purchase. 


Add some channels to your Roku player to get started.
On the below screen, you'll want to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Continue" to proceed to the end of the activation/linking process.


That's it, you're done online! You can click "Go to offers"... see what trials and promotions our channel partners are currently offering.


Your Roku player will take a few minutes to install your selected channels.


And you're all done!


Happy Streaming!
(Your channels on your TV may differ from those displayed here)


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