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With Roku voice search, you can search through the widest selection of channels — by actor, title, or director, using your enhanced remote, the Roku mobile app, or the all new voice search.


As simple as it is to use, we realize you may still have some questions about Roku voice search:

How do I use Roku voice search?

On your Roku enhanced remote, just press the button, and speak the name of what you want to search for. It's as simple as that!

From the Roku Mobile App, click on the Voice Search tab, and say the name of what you'd like to find.

Is voice search data collected in connection with Roku’s voice search, and if so, who collects and stores such data?

Roku uses voice recognition technology from a third-party vendor to enable voice search. Once voice search is activated, Roku collects up to approximately 30 seconds of the voice input, which Roku provides to vendors to be translated by the vendor’s voice recognition software into text to enable search of content on your Roku player. When Roku provides such voice inputs to the vendor, Roku does not identify specific individuals. The vendor stores the voice inputs in connection with the service it provides to Roku.

Who is the vendor Roku is using for voice search technology?

Roku is not able to disclose the vendor that is providing voice recognition technology at this time. In any case, Roku’s Privacy Policy governs the collection and use of voice data, rather than the vendor’s terms of service and privacy policy, which are not applicable to Roku device end users.

Is the microphone always on when using the new Roku 3 voice search enhanced remote or the Roku Mobile app?

No, the microphone associated with voice search is on only for a short duration. Once the user activates voice search, the microphone will be on for a maximum of approximately 30 seconds, whether activated using the mobile app or the enhanced Roku remote control.

Can I use voice search feature on other Roku players and Roku TVs?

Yes. As long as you are in the US or Canada, have the latest version of our free mobile app for compatible iOS® or Android® devices, and a compatible Roku player or Roku TV, you can use your phone as a voice-enabled remote. We know, it’s pretty cool, right?

When is the microphone on during voice search with the Roku enhanced remote?

The microphone is turned on when you press the microphone button on the remote. There will be an audible tone indicating that it is on, and you will see a dialog pop up on your TV screen.


There are 2 ways to perform a voice search with the voice search button, and the following describes the microphone behavior for each.

1. Press and hold:

a. If you press and hold the button, the microphone turns on and remains active while you hold the button down. Releasing the button after speaking will turn the mic off immediately.

b. If you don't release the button after speaking, the mic will turn off automatically after three (3) seconds of silence.

c. If you keep the button depressed but do not speak, the mic will automatically turn off and exit voice search after twenty (20) seconds of silence.

2. Press and release:

a. If you press and release the voice search button, the microphone turns on and remains active until you begin and end speaking your search request.

b. After you are done speaking, the mic will turn off automatically after three (3) seconds of silence following your request.

c. The mic will automatically turn off 30 seconds after you “press and release” if no request is detected.

You will always hear an audible tone when the microphone is turning off, and the microphone is never left on for more than 30 seconds at once, even if you were speaking the entire time

What do I need for voice search to work on the Roku Mobile app?

Language: Voice search is available in English only.

Territorys: US & Canada

Mobile App version: Newest version only: 3.2.0 (only currently available for iOS® and Android™ devices)

Roku player or Roku TV firmware: 6.2 or greater

When is the microphone on during voice search on Roku Mobile app?

mobile_app_mic.pngThe microphone is turned on when you tap the microphone icon on the search screen. There will be an audible tone indicating that it is on. The microphone is turned off when you tap the microphone icon a second time, or five seconds elapse after you start speaking. You will hear an audible tone which indicates that the microphone is turning off. If you tap the microphone but don’t speak, the microphone waits for a maximum of 30 seconds and then turns off automatically.

What can I do if I press the Voice Search button and nothing happens?

This can happen if your Roku player had a hiccup or the remote is no longer paired.  To get your Roku up and running again follow the below steps:

  • Quickly press and release the pairing button. The pairing button can be found inside the battery compartment.  This will wake up the remote if it’s in a hibernation state.
  • Try power cycling the remote if the previous step did not work.  To do this remove then reinsert the batteries (wait 10 seconds before reinserting).  This will cycle the power without having to pair the remote again. 
  • If this does not resolve the issue then press any button on the remote and see if the LED on the Roku player blinks.
  • If the LED on the Roku player does not blink then click here to learn how pair your remote.
  • During the pairing process you notice the LED in the battery compartment does not blink while pressing and holding the pairing button.  Try using a fresh pair of batteries.
  • If pairing the remote does not work a power cycle of the Roku player may be necessary.  To power cycle the Roku player pull the power from the Roku player and return the power after 20 seconds.  Then try pairing the remote again.

If the Roku player LED does blink and you still do not have control of your Roku:

  • Power cycle your Roku.  Do this by removing the power from the Roku player and returning the power after 20 seconds. 
  • Reset the Roku player back to factory default if all else fails.
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