Can I display content from my phone on my TV using a Roku® streaming device?

When gathering with friends and family, you can use your Roku streaming device to wirelessly share content on a nearby TV screen rather than asking everyone to huddle around your phone. Use Play on Roku to display personal photos and videos, screen mirroring to project the entire screen of your phone, or casting to view movies and shows you may have already started watching on your phone.

What is Play on Roku?

Play on Roku is a feature of the Roku mobile app that allows you to share personal media files stored on your compatible mobile device.

  • What can I share? Photos and videos taken with your mobile device, and songs from the music library stored on your phone or tablet.
  • What devices are supported? Play on Roku is part of the Roku mobile app which is a free application for iOS® and Android™ devices.

To successfully share content using Play on Roku, you must connect your mobile device to the same wireless network as the Roku device. Learn more about sharing your personal media by reviewing details for the Play on Roku feature.

What is screen mirroring?

Screen mirroring allows you to replicate (or “mirror”) everything you see on your compatible mobile device on to your TV screen. Whatever you see on your mobile device is what appears on your TV – only larger.

  • What can I share? Most anything you can view on your phone or tablet including web pages, videos, photos, music, and more.
  • What devices are supported? Windows devices running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, and most Android devices running version 4.2 or later (with the notable exception of Google branded devices running OS 6.0 or later like the Google Nexus or Pixel).

To learn more about getting your mobile device screen to show on your TV, review the detailed article about screen mirroring.

What is casting?

Casting lets you direct, or cast, a video, movie or TV show you are watching on your mobile device to your TV using a Roku device. After the content starts playing on your Roku device, you can use your mobile device for something else, or switch it off and control playback with your Roku remote.

  • What can I share? Videos, movies, and TV shows from a mobile app that supports casting like YouTube or Netflix.
  • What devices are supported? Most phones and tablets. If you see a casting icon casting icon in compatible mobile app in the app, you are likely able to direct that content to your TV screen using a Roku device.

To successfully share content using casting, you must connect your mobile device to the same wireless network as the Roku device. Learn more about directing the content from apps you watch on your mobile device to your TV by reading the detailed article about casting.

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