How to change the screensaver on your Roku® streaming device


A screensaver is an application that fills the TV screen with moving images or patterns when your Roku device is not in use. Screensavers were originally designed to prevent phosphor burn-in on older TV’s, but are now used primarily for entertainment. Changing the screensaver is one of the ways you can personalize your Roku experience. Several screensavers are included with your Roku device, while others can be purchased or downloaded for free from the Roku Channel Store.

How do I find and install new screensavers?

New screensavers can be found in the Screensavers category of the Roku Channel Store. For help adding new screensavers, go to How to add channels to your Roku® streaming device.

How do I access the Screensaver menu on my Roku device?

  1. Press home on your remote to open the main screen.
  2. Scroll up or down and select Settings.
  3. Select Screensaver to open the Screensaver menu.

Once the Screensaver menu is open, use the steps below to change or modify the current screensaver and define the wait time.

  • Change the screensaver

    • Select Screensaver.
    • Highlight any screensaver from the list, and select Preview for a glimpse of how it will appear.
    • When additional settings are available, you can select Custom settings to make minor adjustments to the highlighted screensaver. To view the effect of any changes, select Preview
    • When you are finished previewing choices, highlight the screensaver name and press OK on your remote to save.
      Tip: A check appears next to the screensaver that is currently selected.
  • Define the wait time

    • Select Wait time.
    • Choose the amount of time your Roku device waits before starting the screensaver, or choose to disable the screensaver.
    • Press OK on your remote to save.

Looking for other ways to personalize your Roku experience? Go to How do I change the theme on my Roku Streaming Device?

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