Can I listen to movies and TV shows in surround sound?

Yes. Although most Roku streaming devices do not decode Dolby Audio or DTS® surround sound, they can pass-through the audio to an audio/video receiver (AVR) or another device that is capable of decoding surround sound.

All the movies and TV shows accessible through your Roku streaming device are available in stereo; however, many are also available in surround sound. Content partners such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu may provide surround sound in different formats; for example, Netflix® encodes their audio in Dolby Digital Plus (and stereo). VUDU® encodes some audio in Dolby Digital, some in Dolby Digital Plus, and some in Dolby Atmos (and all in stereo). To play the audio in surround sound, your Roku device must be connected to an AVR or another device capable of decoding the format used by the content partner.

When you are ready to enjoy movies and TV shows in surround sound, learn how to set up your Roku streaming device for surround sound.

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