Can I download or record movies and TV shows?

Your Roku® streaming player or Roku TV™ provides you with access to stream movies and TV shows over the internet, but does not have built-in storage for downloading or recording directly to the device. However, you can schedule and store recordings to a content provider’s online storage center if their streaming channel offers a cloud DVR feature. 

Some channels that offer this feature with a paid subscription include DirecTV NOW, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, fuboTV Premiere, and Philo.

What is cloud DVR?

Cloud DVR (Digital Video Recorder) allows you to schedule the recording of a program airing on a streaming channel, and play the content back at a later time convenient to you. It is a software feature that is part of the streaming channel and does not require you to purchase or connect any additional devices. Recordings are stored in a streaming channel's data center and accessed over the internet by your Roku device when you choose to view the program.

In general, cloud DVR recordings can often be viewed from other devices that support the streaming channel, or the equivalent mobile app. This allows you to schedule and access your recordings not only from your Roku devices, but from most devices with an internet connection (in the United States).

Each streaming channel with cloud DVR offers different subscription levels with varying limits on storage and the number of shows that can be recorded at one time. You can read the Roku blog, or inquire with the content provider for more details.

Are there similar features offered on my Roku device?

In addition to Cloud DVR, you may also want to check out the similar features below.

  • Live TV Pause: When using an antenna or connecting cable TV without a set-top box, add a 16GB USB flash drive to your Roku TV and pause live digital broadcast television for up to 90 minutes using Live TV Pause. If you forget to pause and miss an important scene, your Roku TV allows you to rewind and catch up.
  • Roku Media Player: Use the Roku Media Player channel to play your own personal movie and music files that may be stored on your computer or USB drive. 

You can use the Roku device comparison chart to determine which current products include a USB port.

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