How do I use More Ways to Watch on my Roku TV™?


Your Roku TV includes an opt-in feature called More Ways to Watch that enables you to stream live broadcast shows from the beginning, find full episodes of shows you missed, discover similar shows and movies and see ads that are more relevant to you.

How does More Ways to Watch work?

More Ways to Watch is an element of the Smart TV experience created for your Roku TV. It uses Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) and other technology to collect information about the movie or TV show you are watching via devices connected to the Antenna TV and HDMI® inputs, including over-the-air broadcasts and cable/satellite set-top boxes.

  • Notes:

    • More Ways to Watch is only supported in the United States.
    • More Ways to Watch is not enabled by default. To use the feature, you must enable the Smart TV experience during initial setup or later in the Settings menu.
    • To use More Ways to Watch, your Roku TV must be activated and linked to your Roku account.

How do I use More Ways to Watch?

When you are watching a movie or TV show that is broadcast to the antenna or cable/satellite set-top box (connected to your Roku TV), your Roku TV may detect the content you are watching and determine that the same movie or show, or related content, is available from one or more streaming channels.

When your Roku TV is specifically switched to the Antenna TV input, program details appear briefly at the bottom of the screen each time you tune to an over-the-air channel. A More Ways to Watch indicator designated with a purple star is displayed when related content is available.

Smart Guide information bar on Roku TV

Alternatively, when your Roku TV is switched to the input where your set-top box is connected, a More Ways to Watch notification banner will appear for a few seconds when related content is available for the current program.

More ways to watch notification bar on Roku TV

If you want to check for a More Ways to Watch indicator while watching a movie or show, you can press the OK button OK button on Roku remote on your Roku TV remote to recall the program details or the notification banner.

From either screen described above, you can press the Star button star button on Roku remote to see the viewing options.

more ways to watch viewing options on Roku TV

What are the More Ways to Watch viewing options?

  • Watch from beginning – Shows you which streaming channels offer the same movie or TV show you are watching. You can select your preferred streaming service and start watching the same movie or show from the beginning. This option is helpful if you started watching in the middle of the movie or show and would like to start from the beginning.
  • More episodes – Lets you jump to the episode list of the current season of the TV series you are watching. From there, you can navigate to all available episodes in all available seasons within the streaming channel you select.
  • More like this – Displays movies or TV shows that have similar characteristics to the program you are watching. You can highlight a show, discover which streaming channels offer it, how much it costs to watch on those channels, and then start watching.

How do I opt in?

Smart TV experience is not enabled when you first set up your Roku TV or when the software on your Roku TV is updated to include this feature. The first time you select the Antenna TV or cable/satellite set-top box input, your Roku TV presents the option to enable Smart TV experience. You can opt in by checking the box.

By opting in, you give Roku permission to collect information about the programs you watch. If you choose to opt in and later decide you no longer want to use the Smart TV experience, you can disable the feature any time, but note that the viewing information that was collected while it was enabled will be retained by Roku and made available to third parties such as measurement providers and will continue to be used. If you decide not to opt in, you can enable the feature later. 

Roku adheres to a strict privacy policy with respect to customer personal data which can be found at

How do I enable or disable More Ways to Watch?

More Ways to Watch is not specifically enabled or disabled on its own; you must enable or disable Smart TV experience. To do this, visit the Settings menu on your Roku TV.

  1. Press the Home button home button on Roku remote on your Roku TV remote.
  2. Scroll up or down and select Settings.
  3. Select Privacy and then select Smart TV experience.
  4. Use your Roku TV remote to enable or disable the following options:
    • Use info from TV inputs – Press the OK button OK button on Roku remote to select or clear the check box. Press the Star buttonstar button on Roku remote to see detailed information about how Roku collects information to enable this feature.
    • Enable auto notifications – If you select the check box, More Ways to Watch notifications appear at the bottom of the screen for a few seconds when switched to the cable/satellite set-top box input. If you would rather not see notifications, which usually appear one time per day on the input, clear the check box.

Using Smart Guide to find streaming options

Smart Guide is an electronic program guide that is available anytime you watch an over-the-air movie or TV show on the Antenna TV input. It fills the bottom portion of the screen with a grid listing your available channels and the programs airing on each channel. Upcoming programs can be viewed 14 days in advance, and programs that already aired can be browsed 7 days in the past. After you opt in to Smart TV experience, some programs may display the More Ways to Watch indicator as seen in the example below.

Smart Guide grid on Roku TV 

When you highlight a program displaying the More Ways to Watch indicator, you can press the Star button star button on Roku remote to see additional viewing options.

Smart Guide with More Ways to Watch viewing option on Roku TV

Learn more about using Smart Guide on your Roku TV.

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