How to use headphones with your Roku® remote for private listening



How to activate private listening

IMPORTANT: Do not put your headphones on until the volume is at a safe level.

  1. Find the built-in headphone jack on the side of your Roku remote and plug in your headphones firmly. A headphone icon will appear on your television screen to indicate private listening is active.
  2. Begin streaming a movie or TV show.
  3. Hold your headphones near your ears, but do not put them on yet. Adjust the volume using the  and  buttons on your remote.
  4. When the volume is at a safe level, put your headphones on and further adjust the volume if necessary.
  5. When you want to disable private listening, unplug your headphones completely. Audio will automatically return to your TV speakers at the previous volume.


If you are experiencing intermittent connectivity or hear audio issues, learn how to solve problems with private listening.

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