Why does the promotion code for my special offer not work?


When a special offer is available to redeem on your Roku® streaming device, you often need to enter a promotion code at checkout on Roku.com before any discount is applied to your purchase.

  • Note: Promotion codes provided by a channel partner (e.g., Netflix) will not work when trying to make a purchase on Roku.com. Contact the channel partner for any issues related to their promotion code.

What if my promotion code is not working?

If the promotion code you receive fails to validate the special offer, we recommend you try the following suggestions.

  • Review the offer and check that it has not expired. Promotion codes are not valid after the expiration date.
  • Double-check the promotion code and try entering it again. Promotion codes are case-sensitive. Make sure to type it exactly as it appears. When entering your code, be sure not to confuse letters with numbers, such as “0” and “O” and “1” and “l”.
  • If you copied and pasted the promotion code, check that you did not include a space at the beginning or end of the code.
  • Do not enter more than one code. If you are trying to redeem multiple special offers, enter each promotion code on a separate transaction.
  • Promotion codes can only be used one time. If the promotion code has already been redeemed, it cannot be used again.
  • Try entering the promotion code using an alternate web browser (e.g., ChromeFirefox, etc.).
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