How to use Hotel & Dorm Connect to connect to the internet


When you are away from home, Hotel & Dorm Connect allows you to stream your favorite movies and TV shows using the internet connection at a hotel or college dorm. Connecting to a public network often requires signing in through a web browser, but with Hotel & Dorm Connect, you can authenticate the connection for your Roku® streaming device from your computer or smartphone.

You can use the Roku device comparison chart to determine which products support Hotel & Dorm Connect for wireless internet connections that require user login.

When using Hotel & Dorm Connect, be sure to travel with the following:

  • Your activated Roku device, any accessory cables, power adapter, and remote. If your Roku device has been disconnected for an extended period of time, connect it to your home network before traveling and have it manually check for a software update.
  • A computer or smartphone with wireless capabilities and a web browser.
  • A High Speed HDMI® Cable (*not needed when traveling with a Roku® Streaming Stick®+).


  • Streaming results may vary depending on the connection speed at the hotel or college dorm.
  • Channels and channel content vary by country and may be limited or unavailable while traveling.

Connect to the internet

After you arrive at your destination and set up your Roku device, make the connection to the internet using the instructions below.

Initiating the connection

Open the Settings menu on your Roku device to initiate the connection.

  1. Press the Home button home on your Roku remote.
  2. Scroll up or down and select Settings.
  3. Select Network.
  4. Select Set up connection.
  5. Select Wireless.
  6. From the list of available networks, choose the wireless network for the hotel or college dorm. If you do not see the network, select Scan again to see all networks.
  7. After your Roku device connects to the network, select I am at a hotel or college dorm.

Authenticating the connection

After the connection is initiated, the remaining steps will appear on the television screen. Complete these steps on your computer or smartphone.

  • Note: You have several minutes to authenticate. If the network setup times out, select Try again to initiate the connection again.

After the connection is authenticated, your Roku device will return to the Network menu. The Network name should match the network for the hotel or college dorm, and the Status should say Connected.

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