Screen savers: Customizing your Roku player

Your Roku player can be customized with a wide variety of screensavers, giving it a cool, unique look when your Roku player goes into an idle state.

While your Roku player comes with a couple of pre-installed default screensavers, you can find many more in the Channel Store.

How to find and install new screensavers

New screensavers can be found under Streaming Channels on your home screen.

Once you find a screensaver you like, select it to see more details, such as show much it costs (Some are even free!) and screenshots of how it will look. Then, just click the Buy button to install your new screensaver.

Managing your installed screensavers

To manage your screensavers, just navigate to Settings > Screensaver

From this screen, you can select Wait time to set how long before your screensaver begins playing...

You can also select a different screensaver to play from here as well.

By selecting Preview, you can see your screensaver in action!


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