What to do if your Roku® streaming player is lost or stolen


If your Roku® streaming player has been lost or you suspect it has been stolen, we recommend you contact your local law enforcement agency to report the incident and request a police report (should you need it to dispute any unauthorized purchases).

While Roku does not have a tool for tracking lost or stolen devices, we do recommend taking the following precautions.

Remove the player from your Roku account

When you first discover your Roku player is lost or stolen, immediately remove it from your Roku account. Your Roku account stores which Roku® streaming players you own and which channels you have installed, as well as your preferences and settings, and your payment method. Removing the lost or stolen player prevents unauthorized purchases on your Roku account.

Remove the player from your channel provider accounts

Having a payment method on file with a channel provider (e.g., Netflix, VUDU, Fandango) allows you to purchase or rent movies and TV shows on your Roku player. To prevent unauthorized purchases, sign in to your channel provider account and remove the lost or stolen Roku player. Contact the channel provider if you need help removing the player.

  • Notes:

    • Removing a player does not close your channel provider account.
    • If the lost or stolen player is your only Roku player, you may want to consider cancelling your channel provider subscription.
    • There is often a limit to the number of streaming devices that can be associated with a channel provider account at one time. Once removed, the lost or stolen player will not count against that limit.

Additional steps to consider

You may need to consider the following actions depending on the circumstances of the loss or theft of your Roku player.

  • If your Roku account credentials have been compromised, change your Roku account email address and/or password. If you use the same credentials to sign in to your channel provider accounts, contact the channel provider and change your email address and/or password.
  • If your credit card has been lost or stolen, change the payment method on your Roku account.
  • If you are concerned about unauthorized purchases via your Roku player, contact your financial institution and request a ‘STOP’ on your credit card.
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