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(Note that Closed Captioning is not available on the Roku classic models with 3.1 software version.)

Can I change captions settings, like size, color, font, etc?

Closed Captions can be customized in the following ways:

  • Captions: On or Off or Instant Replay only 
  • Text: Style (font): Size, Color, Opacity & Edge Effect 
  • Background: Color & Opacity 
  • Window: Color & Opacity 

To change Closed Captions settings, go to Settings>Captions

Press OK on "Captions" to get to the Captions Settings page.

Are closed captions available for all content on Roku?

Closed captions are only available when the channel provider provides them. We expect most TV and movie providers to provide them now, and if not, then soon.

Does the Roku Global Closed Captions setting work for all of the channels on Roku?

Not all channels make use of our settings. Notably Netflix and Vudu use their own settings. Amazon uses the user's settings for appearance of the captions, but don't yet obey our on/off/replay settings.

How can I enable closed captions temporarily?

There's a feature to enable closed captions temporarily whenever you use Instant Replay. Some live content doesn't allow instant reply, so this function isn't accessible.

Are there any other ways to turn closed captioning on or off?

During playback, for most channels that support captions, pressing * during playback will allow the user to turn them on or off.

My Roku Closed Captioning setting is set to Instant Reply but no captions are showing, why?

Set your closed captioning setting to On in the Roku Closed Captioning Global setting to enable closed captioning. Go back to the channel and try again, you should now see the captions.

How do I enable Closed Captioning in the Amazon Instant Video Channel?

Once you are in the Amazon Instant Video channel, go into the "Help and Settings" screen. Click the "ok" button when highlighting the "Turn On Closed Captions". To turn off Closed Captions, you will need to click on "Turn Off Closed Captions".

I am still having Closed Captioning issues, where can I get help?

Click here to contact Customer Support and a Roku Streaming professional will contact you as quickly as possible.

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