How can I find free channels to watch on my Roku?

With more than 3,500 channels to chose from on Roku, we strive to offer plenty of free channels that do not require an activation fee or subscription fee. 

The easiest way to find free channels is the check out our Top Free channels right on your Roku device:

From the home Screen, scroll down to Streaming Channels, press "OK" on your remote, then scroll down to "Top Free" to see the most popular free channels you can download to your Roku.

There are also lots of other free channels in addition to the Top Free channels. You can explore all the other channels Roku has to offer under "Genres", such as Music, Comedy, Food, Shopping and many others, most of which are free.

Once you find a channel you're interested in, you can see if the channel is free right above the channel description.

On the web, you can also find free channels at Roku's new Channels page.

Just click the above link, scroll down to "Amazing Free Channels" and start exploring!



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