What is a microSD card, and how do I install one in my Roku player?

A microSD card in your Roku player allows your channels and games to load faster by expanding the Roku player's internal memory.
Note: The micro SD card is not used for storage of personal media such as photos, videos or music.


Installing a microSD card is a breeze. Just follow the steps below:

On your Roku player:

  • Remove the HDMI® cable from the back of the Roku player.
  • Insert a microSD card into the back of the Roku player. (Observe correct orientation and insert the card completely until an audible click is heard)
  • Reinsert the HDMI® cable back into the Roku player.

On your TV:

  • Select “Format” when the dialog indicating, “microSD card detected” appears.
  • Select “Continue” to begin formatting. Formatting will take a few minutes depending on capacity.
  • Select “OK” on the “Formatting complete” dialog, once formatting has completed.
  • The Roku player will now use the microSD storage to install new channels and games.

For best results, we recommend a Class 2 or greater microSD card with a minimum of 2GB storage.

Note: If you remove a microSD card from your Roku player in the future, any channels or games that were stored on it will need to be re-installed onto the Roku player internal storage the next time you launch them. For security reasons, you'll need to reformat your microSD card if you'd like to move it from one Roku player to a different one.

You can order a microSD card here.

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