Can I take my Roku® streaming player with me when I travel?


Your Roku® streaming player provides you with access to stream video and music from the Internet. For this to work, your Roku streaming player must be connected to your home network in the same way that you connect your home computer or smartphone.

  • Note: You need a good network connection from your router to the Roku streaming player, otherwise you may experience video playback issues.

Can I take my Roku® streaming player with me when I travel?

Yes. If the location provides access to the Internet, you can simply connect the Roku streaming player to the local network, much like you would your computer or smartphone.

However, some locations, such as hotels, dorms or businesses, may only allow access to the Internet after you first provide additional information (such as your hotel room number) via a webpage on your computer. These types of networks are known as captive portal networks.

Most Roku streaming players include a feature known as Hotel & Dorm Connect that allows you to connect your Roku streaming player to a captive portal network.

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