What type of remote control does my Roku® streaming device use?


Depending on which Roku streaming player you own, you will have one of the following types of remote control:

  • Standard IR (infrared) remote
  • Enhanced “point-anywhere” remote

You can use the product comparison chart to learn what features are included with the remotes for the current lineup of Roku streaming players. If you already own a Roku streaming device, you can use the guidelines below to help determine what type remote you own.

Standard IR remote

Standard IR remotes use invisible infrared (IR) light to transmit remote button presses. For IR remotes to operate reliably they must be pointed directly at the Roku device and there must be nothing that could block the signal from travelling from the remote to the front of the Roku device (where the IR receiver is located).

To confirm you have a standard IR remote, open the battery compartment and look for the absence of a "pairing" button (see image below).

Enhanced “point-anywhere” remote

Enhanced “point-anywhere” remotes connect over a wireless network and do not need to be pointed directly at the Roku device to work. This allows you to install your Roku device in a cabinet with a door or behind your TV. 

Enhanced “point-anywhere” remotes try to establish a connection with a Roku device through a process called “pairing”. If you are not sure whether you have an enhanced “point-anywhere” remote, open the battery compartment and check to see if there is a “pairing” button:

There are a few other things you can check when trying to determine if you have a Roku Enhanced Remote:

  • Do you own a Roku® Streaming Stick®? A Roku Enhanced “point-anywhere” Remote is included with all Streaming Sticks considering they are typically installed out of sight (e.g., behind your TV).
  • Does your remote support voice? If you issue voice commands to your remote to search and control your Roku streaming device, you have a Roku Enhanced Remote.
  • Does your remote have a built-in headphone jack? If you connect headphones to your remote for private listening, you have a Roku Enhanced Remote.

Enhanced remote with buttons for TV power & volume

Select Roku players include a Roku Enhanced Remote that has TV power & volume buttons you can set up to control your TV. To determine if you have this type of remote, look for a power button on the face of the remote, and volume buttons on the side.

What should I do if I have a problem with my remote?

After you determine what type of Roku remote you own, visit one of the articles below to help resolve a problem.

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