What is HDR?

There are two popular formats used to display HDR content – HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

What is the difference between HDR10 and Dolby Vision?

While both formats can deliver better picture quality than SD, HD and even 4K (non-HDR), the parameters for HDR10, such as color and contrast values, are applied equally to all scenes, and your TV decides how to display the information. With Dolby Vision, the parameters can be dynamically applied on a scene-by-scene basis, based on the capabilities of your TV. Dolby Vision can also capture color detail more accurately, and handle larger contrast ratios (e.g., wider ranges of dark and bright in each scene).

What HDR standard is supported on my Roku device?

HDR capable Roku streaming players use the HDR10 standard.

  • Note: An HDR-capable Roku streaming player must be connected to an HDR-compatible TV to stream HDR content. HDR content is available on select channels. For additional details, review the steps for setting up your Roku player for 4K HDR.

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