Roku® OS software release notes

Roku OS 7.2 introduces several updates and bug fixes to improve your streaming entertainment experience when using supported Roku streaming devices. Below are highlights of Roku OS 7.2 that will help ensure your streaming sessions will be as enjoyable as possible.

Supported Devices:

• Roku Streaming Players - 4400X, 4230X, 4210X, 4200X, 3600X, 3500X, 3420X, 3400X, 3100X, 3050X, 3000X, 2720X, 2710X, 2700X, 2650X, 2600X, 2500X, 2450X, 2400X

• Roku TV™ – All Roku TV models support Roku OS 7.2

* Note: Some updates and/or bug fixes only apply to specific Roku streaming devices. In those instances, supported devices are indicated in the release notes below.

Key Roku OS 7.2 Updates and Bug Fixes:

• Auto display change detection (Roku 4400X only) – This update helps you get the best quality image/video when you move your Roku 4 player to a new TV. When you switch your streaming player to a different TV, you will be provided with a message that initiates video resolution setup where you’ll be provided with the recommended setting for the best display for your TV. Display settings can always be changed in the settings menu.

• Screen mirroring (Roku streaming players only) – Following additional compatibility testing and improvements after its initial release, our screen mirroring feature is no longer in Beta for Roku streaming players.

• Boot time (Roku streaming players only) – Improved overall boot time of some Roku streaming players when compared to boot times of Roku OS 7.0.

• Roku TV standby – Reduced the amount of time it takes Roku TV models to reconnect to the wireless network after being in standby mode.

• Roku TV standby mode LED – Roku TVs now have an option allowing you to control whether the standby status LED on the TV bezel is on or off after the TV is turned off. The setting is located in Settings > System > Power > Standby LED.

• Dolby Digital Plus™ pass through – Improvements were made to provide a better experience with Dolby Digital Plus pass through with decoded audio in some streaming channels.

• Wireless remote connection to Roku streaming player – Roku OS 7.2 includes a number of updates and bug fixes that improve the overall performance and reliability of wireless remote connections.

• Fixed bug in which Roku 4 (4400X) remote may fail to “wake up” when the Roku 4 was connected to Ethernet.

• Fixed bug that caused an audio stutter to occur when playing some games on select Roku streaming players (3100X, 3050X, 3000X, 2400X).

• Fixed bug that caused a blank screen to appear on the TV when the Roku 4 (4400X) video display setting was set to 4K display mode and the Roku 4 was connected to a non-4K TV.

• Fixed bug in which some Roku TV models would fail to enter suspend mode after being powered off using the Roku TV remote.

• Fixed bug that resulted in some banner advertisements appearing on the home screen with no content.

* Note: Channel developers, partners, advertisers and anyone who would like information related to SDK updates and additional improvements within Roku OS 7.2 can find more info on the Roku Developer Blog or our SDK documentation.

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