How to find 4K and 4K HDR movies and TV shows


Finding 4K channels in the Roku Channel Store

You can browse the Roku Channel Store directly from your Roku streaming device.

  1. Press the Home button home on your Roku remote.
  2. Scroll up or down and select Streaming Channels.
  3. Select 4K UHD Content Available to browse channels that offer 4K content; some will also offer movies and TV shows in 4K HDR. Contact the channel provider to learn if they offer content in 4K HDR.

Adding channels that offer 4K content

When you find a channel offering 4K movies and TV shows that you want to install, add the channel to your Roku device. If you install a channel and later decide you do not want it, the channel can easily be removed from your Roku device.

Finding 4K and 4K HDR content across multiple channels

A channel called 4K Spotlight lists channels that offer 4K content, and showcases 4K and 4K HDR movies and TV shows that are available across multiple channels in different categories. 4K Spotlight is installed on Roku streaming players that support 4K. If your Roku device supports 4K and you do not see the 4K Spotlight channel, use the instructions above to find and add the channel.

Once you have added the 4K Spotlight channel, use the steps below to access it.

  1. Press the Home button home on your Roku remote.
  2. Select Home from the left menu to view your channel lineup.
    Tip: When browsing, press Reverse scan reverse scan button  or Forward scan forward scan button on your Roku remote to move up or down one page.
  3. Select 4K Spotlight.

When you select a movie or TV show you will be asked to launch the channel that offers the content. If the channel is not installed on your Roku device, you will be prompted to add it before the 4K or 4K HDR movie or TV show can be viewed.

  • Notes:

    • Movies and TV shows available in 4K or 4K HDR may require a channel subscription or a one-time fee.
    • Movies and TV shows streamed in higher picture quality formats like 4K and 4K HDR require more bandwidth and therefore need higher internet speeds. Check with the channel provider for bandwidth requirements.
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