How to follow your favorite shows using My Feed


My Feed does the searching for you to keep you updated on your favorite entertainment. Follow movies, TV shows, actors, and directors and get automatic updates when content you’re interested in is ready to stream or available at a lower price.

You can access My Feed from the main screen on your Roku® streaming player or Roku TV. Updates within My Feed come from participating Roku Search partners.

Follow your favorite entertainment

You can find movies, TV shows, actors and directors to follow across top channels using Roku Search.

  1. Press the Home button home on your Roku remote.
  2. Scroll up or down and select Search.
  3. Begin entering the title, actor or director you wish to follow. As you type each letter, Roku Search will update the results.
  4. When a selection you want appears, move right using the directional pad on your remote to access the search results.
  5. Scroll up or down and select the title, actor or director.
  6. From the details screen, locate Follow this on Roku and press the OK button OK on your remote.

After you add a movie, TV show, actor or director, an on-screen message will confirm that updates from participating channels will appear in My Feed. You are now following this item and will begin receiving automatic updates as new content or viewing options become available.

  • Notes:

    • If you check My Feed right after you add an item, you will not see the title, actor, or director listed. An item is only listed after an automatic update is received.
    • The latest My Feed updates appear at the top of the My Feed list as they become available.

Get updates in My Feed

You can access My Feed from the main screen on your Roku device.

  1. Press the Home button home on your Roku remote.
  2. Scroll up or down and select My Feed.

My Feed will notify you when:

  • A movie or TV series you follow becomes available on the Roku platform for the first time, or is now available to stream for free or at a lower price.
  • A TV series you follow has new episodes available to watch.
  • An actor or director you follow has new movies or TV episodes available to watch.

Unfollow an item

If you no longer wish to receive updates for a movie, TV show, actor or director, you can unfollow the item from Roku Search. Use the instructions above to find the title, actor or director and select Unfollow this.

There is another way to unfollow an item that is unique to movies. Simply find the movie listed in the My Feed list, open the details screen, and select Unfollow this.

After you unfollow a movie, TV show, actor or director, all updates within My Feed will be removed and you will no longer receive new updates for that item.

Browse popular movies and TV series

The Movies and TV Shows tiles within My Feed allow you to browse the most popular entertainment on the Roku platform. You can immediately find a show or movie to watch, or choose to follow the movie or show to receive updates within My Feed at a later time.

Explore movies coming soon to the Roku platform

From Movies Coming Soon, you can browse a wide variety of movies that are currently in theaters or too new to be available for streaming on the Roku platform. You can follow any of these items and receive automatic updates when the movie becomes available to stream.

  • Tip: If you do not plan to see a movie in the theater, you can follow it from Movies Coming Soon and receive an update when it becomes available to purchase and/or rent from channels available on the Roku platform.

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