What to do if video is blocky or black while using Live TV Pause

If you need help enabling or disabling Live TV Pause, learn more about pausing live television on Roku TV.

What should I do if the video is blocky or black while using Live TV Pause?

There a couple reasons why this might happen.

  1. Check the signal strength - The quality of the over-the-air signal can fluctuate due to environmental conditions. You can check signal strength by tuning to an over-the-air channel and pressing OK on your Roku TV remote control. The more bars you see, the stronger the signal. You can sometimes improve signal strength by adjusting the location or position of the HDTV antenna.
  2. Try a different USB drive - The USB drive may have bad blocks or might be too slow for live video recording. The USB drive is tested by the Roku TV during formatting, but if there is a problem with the drive, you may experience sporadic issues during recording and playback of the paused video.
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